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How to create a Free Energy Generator Hypothesis

The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed and yet if this were so, how was the universe created in the first place? Is it possible by connecting with the Great Spirit that was capable of creating the universe that the same potential can be realized in today and tomorrow's world? The Oil is running dry and we seem to be limited to discrete options that are not commercially viable when compared to our current solution of relying on past reserves of energy that required geological timeframes to accumulate.

Non-mechanical Phenomenon Required

Science is filled with mechanical laws. The hypothesis here is that consciousness if directed correctly towards a common objective can manifest a physical change in a mechanical system resulting in Energy Generation. It is believed that the laws of physics as we know them are mechanical laws and yet if the universe was purely mechanical free will as we know it would not exist. It is hoped that by directing our available free will into creating an alternate law that a new statute can be passed rendering a more ideal outcome for the planet. It is hoped that the ideas and theories here will provide some potential and seeds of imaginary potential that can be manifested into physical energy if enough faith can be raised.

It has already been witnessed at Princeton's Anomalies Research that the direction of intent can influence a random number generator at a distance. The question is "can this be extended if enough consciousness is raised to manifest a new mechanical law or exploitable phenomenon"?

Virtually every religion / theology involves the belief in intangible, theoretical things that if adopted can change the outcomes of those who believe them within the body of believers. The question now becomes, can faith have power over outcomes that lie outside the body or do we live in an exclusively material objective universe as classical science traditionally assumed? The objective of this site is to provide the cognitive artifacts that allow for creation of devices that have the potential to be altered or influenced by human consciousness and direction of intent with the hope that the direction of human intent will one day manifest a form of clean energy that is the biproduct of conscious awareness.

Can a Bedini Pulse be converted back into amps?

When current is run through a single strand of a bifilar coil it creates a magnetic field. If the current running through the coil is stopped a pulse that registers as all-volts no amps known as a Bedini Pulse is produced by the collapse of the magnetic field. The question here is can Tesla's bifilar coil (which converts amps to volts) be used backwards to convert pure volts (pure potential) back into usable amps if direction of intent is sufficient to allow conversion of thought + pure potential into actual usable electricity?

Tesla Bifilar Solenoid Coil to inhibit amps (Expired Tesla Patent)

This Expired Tesla Patent explains how to create a solenoid which converts amps to volts. The idea is to use this innovation backwards to absorb the bedini pulse created by the collapse of a magnetic field of an embedded seeding coil so that volts are converted to amps, turning the Bedini pulse into usable energy. (Thought + pure potential = Energy)?

To be continued...


Edward Leedsklanin PMH

Additional Credits

My personal gratitude to Fao Sto of Costa Rica for showing me how a bedini coil works.


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